Dear Deer

Mural for a local independent gallery and shop.
Vinyl paint and permanent marker. 18 Julio 2008.

I painted my first mural ever over a huge wall (15.7 x 10.4 ft) that belongs to a local independent multidisciplinary gallery & shop called Dear Deer.
It took me 8 days to finish it and the last day i painted a little yellow one made in half hour on the front door wall. The whole thing is painted with acrylic paint and permanent markers for little details.

► Check out their website: (it's down forever †)

Pinté mi primer mural sobre una enorme pared (4.80 x 3.20 m) que le pertenece a una tienda & galería local independiente y multidisciplinaria llamada Dear Deer.
Me tomó 8 días terminarlo y el último día pinté sobre la pared de la puerta principal un mini mural amarillo en media hora. Todo está pintado con pintura acrílica y rotuladores permanentes para los pequeños detalles.

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pictures taken by peras & manzanas and dnytron.

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