Dear Deer vol. 2

Mural in the new location o the shop/gallery Dear Deer.
Vinyl and acrylic paint. 1 May 2011.

Second mural that measures 8.85 x 14.4 ft for the local independent multidisciplinary gallery & shop called Dear Deer at their new location within Guadalajara.
I never imagined that I would spend a really hot month exactly to see the work finished, painted only with acrylic pigments. There are some parts that pops out using 3D glasses!
Sadly, their store is no longer active ): they decided it was time to move on to other projects after 4 years.

► Check out their website: (it's down forever †)

Segundo mural de aproximadamente 2.70 x 4.40 m. para la tienda & galería local independiente y multidisciplinaria llamada Dear Deer en su nueva ubicación dentro de Guadalajara.
Nunca imaginé que pasaría un caluroso mes exacto para ver terminada la obra, pintada únicamente con pigmentos acrílicos. ¡Hay unas partes que resaltan utilizando lentes 3D!.
Lamentablemente su tienda dejó de existir ): decidieron que era hora de seguir adelante con otros proyectos después de 4 años.

I also painted these two, the bat with the flag can actually be seen with 3D glasses, it really works! The other one was painted on crystal so it can be seen from the outside of the shop.

Some pictures taken by Paulina Magos.

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